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About Us

Runaway Bay Soccer Club is a community based Junior & Senior Soccer Club catering for children from 5 to 18 through to Seniors – both Men and Women.

The Club Was Founded in 1977 With 90 Players

In 2024, Runaway Bay Soccer Club is proud to say its player numbers are over 700 with over 40 junior teams and 4 senior teams. The club also has a number of volunteers that help to get the job done each and every week, making it the friendliest place on the Gold Coast to play soccer.

As we are situated on the Gold Coast we are affiliates with the local governing body football Queensland. With their guidance we have the ability to play in competitions each week with team ranging as far north as Ormeau and as far south as Murwillumbah. We play under the rules set down by both Football Australia and FIFA.

Our Emphasis at the Club

Participation, fun, fair play, motor skill enhancement and the co-operative life skills which children learn when playing a team sport. We value our sporting successes and strive to accept defeats in our competition teams with good grace.  Our approach for all our teams is on learning, self-improvement, and sportsmanship.  We encourage all parents to follow our lead.

Your Committee is conscious of the need to continue the vision of its founders by providing a low cost, high quality community service and this is reflected in the club’s financial and other policies.

Traditions Are Built Over Time

Now is the time for your child and family to be part of the Bayhawks tradition. The foundations are in place and we invite you to help your club to continue to grow and maintain its place as a valuable community asset.

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