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How to Support the Soccer Club?

Promoting positive behaviour is crucial. We understand you recognise the importance of being good role models for your children. In sports, emotions can sometimes lead us to say things we regret. Maintaining self-control and offering timely support is the key to setting a positive example. Remember this simple guideline:


"They play, I coach, you cheer."


Let the players play, and allow the coach to provide guidance. Your role is to cheer them on—it's their time to enjoy the game.


In today's world, there's a debate about political correctness and freedom of speech. However, arguing or exchanging insults during children's games doesn't create a conducive environment for enjoyment or growth. When referees, coaches, or players make mistakes (which is inevitable), it's essential to control our emotions, considering the children who look up to us.


Cheer for the entire team, not just your child, and appreciate the efforts of opponents who make the competition possible. Show gratitude to the match officials because, without them, there would be no game.

Parents Guide to Runaway Bay Soccer Club

Runaway Bay Soccer Club offers children and teens in our community the chance to enjoy soccer. While our primary goal isn't to groom professional players, we focus on helping all participants develop a passion for the sport as a rewarding athletic experience.


Additionally, we provide opportunities for talented individuals to progress to higher levels, including our Women's and Men's Senior Teams and representative squads. To maintain our inclusive environment, we prioritize equal playing time and fair trophy presentations for everyone.

Supporting the Club Right

Our nearly 50-year-old club takes pride in its achievements and the facilities it now offers. We appreciate the past efforts of parents and sponsors. As beneficiaries, we must ensure that the club's assets benefit future generations. Safeguarding our reputation for good conduct and sportsmanship is crucial.


Your child's future might not involve becoming a highly paid soccer star, but they will undoubtedly become an adult. Through our sport, they can learn teamwork, build relationships and friendships, enhance motor skills, develop visualisation and problem-solving abilities, experience the thrill of victory, and learn how to handle defeat. In essence, the club and its soccer teams provide an environment to impart various life skills.


Every word and action can leave a lasting impression on a child. The soccer team serves a more profound purpose than disputes over referee decisions. So, why argue? If you're uncertain about the right kind of support, consider these do's and don'ts.

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