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Safety & First Aid

The club has a large first aid kit and cold ice packs available at the canteen if needed.  Seek immediate help through the Ground Official if a serious injury occurs, and ensure the player is not crowded with on-lookers. 

Parents should not run onto the ground unless summoned by a referee or official.  Please be aware of signs indicating parking bays, so that there is no blockage at the ambulance entrance onto the main field, and ensure you do not obstruct access when parking.

Boots And Shin Pads

Boots and shin pads are mandatory to be worn during match games, as well as recommended to be worn at training.  Any sharp protrusions on studs should be sanded off with sandpaper before a match or training.

Heat And Body Temperature

The most common problem at the beginning of the season is when we have hot Gold Coast days, and fixture games may be played late morning.  It is important for the players to maintain their fluid levels.  It may be agreed between the two teams to have a drink break at quarter time.  Fixture teams would generally not stop the game for a drink break, so the players may come to the sideline and take a drink from the coach / manager.  For safety, this should be handed to them directly, never thrown onto the playing field, and all players should have their own drinks bottle clearly marked. Plain water is recommended.

Hats And Sun Shade

Hats/Caps are not allowed, and the player can be asked by the referee to remove it, for the safety of other players.  Parents should ensure players have adequate sunscreen.


Players who wear glasses must wear sports glasses approved by an optometrist.  These are plastic, non-breakable glasses, which cannot shatter and cause injury.  The minimum requirement is that the glasses be fixed on so they can’t fall off, usually with some form of elastic going around the back of the head.

Other Items

Players are NOT permitted, under any circumstances, to play either with their arm in a cast, be it made of plaster, fiberglass or any other material, or with fingers in splints, or have any covering which may be dangerous to another player.  This is a ruling ofFootball Queensland  and Runaway Bay Soccer Club supports the ruling. Our duty of care towards all players must always be of the utmost importance.


Spectators must stay 1 metre from the playing sidelines. Spectators are not allowed behind the goal or goal lines except where the playing area is separated by a fence.  Spectators are not allowed into the coahing area at any time. Families are asked to keep control  of smaller children accompanying you to avoid possible collision with larger players.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times and in the control of an adult or teenage child.

Canteen Safety

Only Canteenstaff and Select Club Volenteers are allowed into the canteen for heald and safety reasons.


Players are not allowed to wear any form of jewellery during a game, including ear studs.


Please note the above requirements regarding caps, glasses, jewellery, etc, all apply to referees also, both official and unofficial.

Player Insurance

Players are covered by insurance while training and playing sanctioned games through the FQ Insurance Policy.  Claim forms and full details are available through the Club Secretary.  Please note that in the event of a player injury, insurance claims must be lodged within 30 days of the injury. A copy of the insurance policy is available at registration, or through the Club Secretary.

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