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Wet Weather

In the event of wet weather please check the homepage of our website to check if our fields are open or closed or you can check the council website.


 Click the link below:


If the council website states that Runaway Bay Fields ( Runaway Bay East Precinct) are closed, then all training for teams is cancelled.


We will also Post on Facebook and Instagram as well as all coaches being notified via whatapp with a wet weather field closure update.


If there is no FB post by 3pm then assume training is on. Please Do Not assume training or games are off unless the Club/Coach has informed you or you have contacted coach.



As regards to games, whenever possible we will let the coach know as soon as possible when a game is cancelled.  However in the event that there is heavy rain on a Friday night, this may not always be possible., we will do a field inspection by 7am on Saturday mornings and update all relevant parties.


Even if Runaway Bay Fields are closed please check away club Facebook pages for their field updates as not all clubs closed..

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