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Below you will find answers to questions we often receive about the club, schedules and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The age your child turn that year is the league they go into, ie: turning 10 in 2024 – go into the Under 10 league (U10).

  • Mini Roo’s is  non competitive U8-U12

    Junior Completive is the competitive leagues U13-U18 – this will have a scores ladder, league table and final at the end of the season.

  • Due to RBSC having multiple teams in each age group we have all ages training throughout the week.

    Generally training is Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday, 4.30pm to 5.30pm or 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

    This is all subject to coach availability.

    We now have lighting for all field areas so can utilise all pitch space for training.

  • We do our best to place each child into a team that suits their schedule as we know parents work, have other sport/commitments so do our best to find a suitable training day/time.

  • Where it is. Possible, we are happy for friends to be in. the same team.

  • We start trials mid-January.

    Team selection is during February.

    Games start around mid-March

    (all dates are subject to change each year, there are a rough guide).

  • Game schedules may vary, but the season for both Mini Roo’s & junior competitive end around late August/early September.

    Junior competitive may go on For a further 2 weeks if teams qualify for semi & grand finals.

  • Yes, we take a break over the school holidays from soccer as we know a lot of families like to get away during the break.  In the past It has been 1 week break, but recently we have had 2 weeks break. This is subject to change as Per directed by Football Queensland.

  • Yes we do accept Fair Play vouchers as long as they are still valid and in date.

  • During the 2023 season, Football Queensland introduced the Squadi App. This is for every parent to down load so that they can find and follow their teams game schedule, what date, what time and what location.

  • We have found that creating a WhatsApp group for every team has been greatly informative and helpful for all players and their families to be kept up to date on any information that relates to their team. We will be introducing a WhatsApp community to allow the committee to keep all players /families informed on any announcements, such as game changes, events, wet weather notices etc.

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